Sound Therapy Listening Foundation Program (Level 1)

The Sound Therapy Listening Foundation program is the starting point for all adult Sound Therapy listeners. The music in this program is gradually filtered to encourage rehabilitation of the auditory system in a gentle and progressive manner.

Launched in 2009, this Level 1 program features specialised modules for brain and learning, stress reduction, peace of mind, and improvement of a range of hearing issues. It has replaced the Sound Therapy Basic Music Kit.

Whether you are a brand new listener or one who has used other Sound Therapy International tapes or CDs, this all new music on a high fidelity format is a perfect start or valuable addition to your listening program.

If you have not used Sound Therapy before and are over 12 years of age, this is the program you need to use, regardless of the specific condition(s) you wish to treat.

Children under 12 can use this program, or you can choose a specific children's starter program which has age-appropriate stories as well as music.

The Listening Foundation program includes:

Headphones are not included with the program; you can add on your choice of earphones if you wish.

Shipping & Local Collection

Sound Therapy programs and players come with a 12 month warranty and are usually shipped from Sound Therapy Perth within 2-3 weeks of an order being placed. Once your program has been dispatched, shipping times are typically:

All parcels are sent with tracking; we will let you know what the tracking number is as soon as we are notified of it.

Please note that we do not hold a stock of programs; they need to be pre-ordered and we order in what we need, to ensure that you will always receive the most recent player / technology. If you live locally, you can order them online and select "Local pick up" to avoid paying for postage. We will let you know when your program is ready so you can arrange a time to collect it.

Listeners outside Australia please note:

  1. Customers outside Australia are not charged the 10% Goods & Services Tax, which will be adjusted at checkout when your country is selected. You may be charged import duty by your local customs authority. UK customers please note that as we are not located in Europe, we do not collect the import VAT - you will be invoiced by HM Revenue & Customs, which could cost around £80 - £100.
  2. Programs cannot be sent via Airmail (Australia Post) as the digital player contains a lithium battery which is classed as "Dangerous Goods". It must be sent by a courier and attracts a "dangerous goods" surcharge. Shipping typically costs between AU$80 - $130 depending on destination, which is the lowest price we have been able to find.

Listening Program

The albums in this program contain 6 hours of filtered music to encourage opening of the ear in a gentle and progressive manner.

These programs are made using the special Sound Therapy filtering system devised by Dr Tomatis and refined over the last 20 years by Patricia and Rafaele Joudry. The unique activation and filtering of the music renders it into a powerful therapeutic program for the ear and brain. The recordings are carefully transposed from analogue originals in high quality formats ensuring that the integrity of the sound is preserved and the true high frequency harmonics are available to the listener.

Digital Player

Lightweight yet durable, the digital player offers the convenience of Sound Therapy on the go.

It has a built in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which if looked after should last many years. A USB cable is included; you can plug the USB cable into your computer to charge your player, or use a wall adapter to charge your player from mains power.

Listening Guide

Your listening guide will include a personalised listening routine and the frequently asked technical and clinical questions that will help you get the most out of your listening program.

Personal support available as needed

Sound Therapy programs cost 1/10th the price of clinic-based Tomatis treatments or programs such as Neuromonics because you are not paying for a therapist's time. Instead, we give you as many resources as possible to manage your own treatment, with the back-up of professional support for an additional fee if you feel you need it.

Simone Collins

Professional support is available from qualified Senior Sound Therapist and Audiometric Officer Simone Collins for a fee. Simone is able to take a holistic look at your health and lifestyle, check whether any medications you are on may have ototoxic side effects that you need to be aware of, answer any questions you may have, review your progress (including regular hearing or auditory processing tests, for those in Perth), help you maintain motivation and ensure that any temporary setbacks, technical problems or health questions do not interfere with your listening results.

Simone brings 14 years of experience as a Sound Therapy consultant together with first-hand experience as a Sound Therapy user, and offers a wealth of knowledge for how to make the most of your program and other changes you can make to reap as much benefit from Sound Therapy as possible.

If you would like to discuss your progress over the phone or in person, please make an appointment with Simone. Phone and face-to-face appointments with Simone cost A$25 per 15 minutes.

Testimonials about the Level 1 Program

I have received my program and hope to get started asap! It cost me very little for the customs/vat and it arrived very quickly so thank you. I appreciate your help.
Name withheld
My dizziness has disappeared! I feel that I sleep deeper. Very good
Carol P
Simone, I love the unit so far. Love the small size. It cuts down negative mind chatter and relaxes my mind. I have noticed that I am more relaxed and have had less depression. So far, so good.
Roy K
I like the music, well chosen pieces I think. I listen at low volumes it is soothing for me as well as healing.
Geoff B
It did wonders to my tinnitus, that's for sure, worth the money I spent for it!!!!!! Thank you SOUND THERAPY
Shirley Welsh
My tinnitus is much less intense and my hyperacusis has lessoned measurably after only thirty hours of listening.
Name withheld
In one weeks time my tinnitus has disappeared. It is miraculous, it's big, it's something to celebrate today, tomorrow and forever.
David Cri