Sound Therapy Family Program (All Ages)

Updated program with new items added!

Providing the best value for money, this is a package your family can grow with.

The Sound Therapy International Family program includes our full range of Level 1 music and story albums for families, with 3 Screen Max players allowing 3 family members to listen at the same time.

These music and story albums use the special Sound Therapy filtering system devised by Dr Tomatis and refined over the last 20 years by Patricia and Rafaele Joudry. This special filtering process makes this a powerful program for the ear and brain.

Parents can benefit from Sound Therapy too. Being a parent is very demanding, tiring, and requires a high level of skill, energy, patience and judgement. With the increased energy and brain function that Sound Therapy provides, parents find their patience and communication abilities are enhanced.

The Family program includes:

Sound Therapy programs and players come with a 12 month warranty. Please note that the Family Program is a special order that can take 1 week to ship.

Albums in the Family Program

  1. Younger Children's Program:
    • Garden of Dreams: Exquisite musical selections for children by Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Delibes, Mozart, Bach, and Brahms
    • Fairy Tales for Younger Children: Read by writer and former radio actress Patricia Joudry, who has a remarkable ability to engage the interest of the young child.
    • Let's Recite: Poems by great authors, read by Patricia Joudry. A child learns rhyme, rhythm and metaphor, which are important fundamentals of language development. It comes with a printed booklet so the child can read along
    • Aboriginal Stories (Bonus Album): Traditional Australian Aboriginal stories collected and recounted by renowned Koorie storie teller Pauline McLeod (ages 3 - 12)
  2. Older Children's Program:
    • Study Stimulator: Music children will love, to help with concentration and learning by Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Greig, Chopin, and Pachelbel.
    • Calming Music: Music to sleep or settle down to by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Padrewski, Chopin, Muscagni and Debussy.
    • Grimm's Fairy Tales: Classic tales that educate about ethics, problem solving and transformation, read by Patricia Joudry.
    • African Stories: Folk tales that open cultural awareness and develop maturity, read by Mignon Lee-Warden.
    • Native American Indian Stories: Native American tales of strength, courage and magic, read by Patricia Joudry.
  3. Listening Foundation Program (all ages):
    1. Gentle Massage
    2. Muscle Movement
    3. Ear Gymnastics
    4. Cilia Stimulation
The children's poetry album, Let's Recite, has been a Godsend for my hearing impaired students. They love it! Their attention spans have increased dramatically since they have been listening regularly to the program. My one very hyperactive youngster has settled down to her schoolwork because she knows she can listen to the album as soon as she's finished. Sound Therapy has become a reward!
It's amazing to me that for the 35 years that I have been teaching hearing imparied children, this is the first auditory training program that uses only speech to which the children can listen comfortably. Patricia's speech is articulate and soothing. You have chosen the poems carefully so that they are amusing and hold the children's interest as well.
Donalda Alder
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
Long Beach, California, USA


All our family and children's programs are delivered pre-loaded on the Screen Max player. It is light, simple, convenient, and capable of reproducing high quality sound with the full harmonics and high frequencies required for Sound Therapy.

The MINI MX2 comes with quality earphones suited for little ears. These earphones have been specially selected: they are comfortable for sleeping, have softer rubber clip to help them stay on, and the younger children's ones include a volume limiter which enables you to set a maximum volume that cannot be exceeded if your child plays with the volume controls.


In Canal Ear bud: Delivers high quality sound directly into the ear canal, giving a sense of direct connection with the sound. This excellent product fits most ear canals and is comfortable for most adults and children.

Neckband headphones: This versatile design easily fits any child’s head, is very comfortable and won’t fall off during play or sleep.

Studio Quality Premium Headphones: This top of the range headphone gives the most beneficial listening experience, particularly important for young, developing ears and brains. It is designed to enhance directional hearing, as well as being focussed to deliver clarity in the music while still being able to hear what is going on around you. Its design makes it adaptable for any head size, while being gentle and comfortable to wear for many hours. It can be worn while sleeping, while active or even over hearing aids.

Sleep Phones: As an exclusive offer to Sound Therapy Perth / Totally Sound Health listeners, these thing stereo headphones in a soft headband provide the ultimate comfort for listening in bed.

Bone Conduction System

New technology now enables Bone Conduction to be added to this completely portable system. Dr Tomatis uncovered the importance of getting our Bone Conduction listening and Air Conduction listening working together.

The bone conduction listening will deepen and enhance the results of Sound Therapy for both children and adults. Bone conduction helps to embody the sound, enhancing balance, coordination, and accurate listening to self and others.

Our light weight bone conduction headphone is comfortable and easy to wear for either adults or children. It can be worn alone or in combination with other headphones, using a double adaptor.

Family Program Workbook

The workbook replaces the need for testing or clinic visits as it equips you to supervise your own family’s program. 112 pages of tips and easy to follow instructions, including assessments to help you easily manage your progress.


Two books are included free with your program. It is important to read these books to ensure that you fully understand the program,

Sound Therapy book By Patricia & Rafaele Joudry, 271 pages Now in its 12th edition, this book delves into the history of Sound Therapy and how sound can be used to enhance auditory pathways and improve brain function.
Sound Therapy book By Rafaele Joudry, 357 pages. This essential guide for parents and professionals covers in depth the use of Sound Therapy and other drug free treatments you can do at home to help your child learn and concentrate.

Personal one-on-one support available

Sound Therapy programs cost 1/10th the price of clinic-based Tomatis treatments or programs such as Neuromonics because you are not paying for a therapist's time. Instead, we give you as many resources as possible to manage your own treatment, with the back-up of professional support for an additional fee if you feel you need it.

Simone Collins

For those that do want to discuss their individual circumstances in depth and have more active monitoring of their progress, additional professional support is available from qualified Senior Sound Therapist and Audiometric Officer Simone Collins for a fee. Simone is able to take a holistic look at your health and lifestyle, check whether any medications you are on may have ototoxic side effects that you need to be aware of, answer any questions you may have, review your progress (including regular hearing or auditory processing tests, for those in Perth), help you maintain motivation and ensure that any temporary setbacks, technical problems or health questions do not interfere with your listening results.

Simone brings 15 years of experience as a Sound Therapy consultant together with first-hand experience as a Sound Therapy user, and offers a wealth of knowledge for how to make the most of your program and other changes you can make to reap as much benefit from Sound Therapy as possible.

If you would like to discuss your progress over the phone or in person, please make an appointment with Simone. Phone and face-to-face appointments with Simone cost A$25 per 15 minutes. For best results, Simone recommends follow up consultations at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and every 3 months thereafter until you reach your listening goal.

Why Sound Therapy?

  • Up to 90% cheaper than other programs
  • Buy once and share with your family for years
  • No travelling to a clinic for ongoing treatment
  • Over 60 years of proven clinical treatment
  • Free follow up phone / email support