Policies and Disclaimers

We take every measure to ensure that our products are of optimum standard and that they reach you in good condition.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds due to change of mind about using the program or failure to get a certain result (see the Disclaimer).

If you believe that you have been shipped the wrong product, please contact us and we will exchange it for you.

Replacement of Faulty Products

Sound Therapy International proudly guarantees the quality of its products against manufacturing faults. Please refer to the individual warranties for each product's warranty and replacement procedure. Very often a perceived fault is just a usage error or is part of the filtering process.

For Mini MX2 players, 99% of issues are solved by either performing a reset, or by ensuring the components of your charger are pushed in firmly. How to reset your player is demonstrated in the video below.

DO NOT RETURN YOUR PLAYER WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST. Time and unnecessary postage can be saved by a phone call or email to resolve most issues in minutes.

If a fault arises due to usage, a nominal fee is incurred for replacement of the program and player.

Please contact us if you perceive a fault with your product. If troubleshooting does not solve the problem, we will arrange for the product to be repaired or replaced as appropriate - for free if due to a manufacturing fault, or for a nominal fee otherwise.

Product Replacement fee
All programs/td> $230 plus postage

Please note

* Cassettes and CDs have been discontinued, and replacement discs and tapes are no longer available. Please upgrade to a the new programs on Mini players.

** Ultra Light, Mini MX1 and Mini MX2 players have been discontinued. Replacements are now issued on a Sonic MX3 player.


Any email or postal addresses you provide to Sound Therapy Perth / Totally Sound Health are used solely for the purpose provided - to answer enquiries regarding to Sound Therapy, to send items purchased, to provide support, and to follow up on progress with your listening program.

Your information will never be sold or disclosed to any third parties. You will not receive any mailings you did not request.


Sound Therapy presents the ear with alternating frequencies to stimulate and activate the ear mechanism and brain pathways. While this treatment has had a wide variety of benefits for various individuals, we cannot guarantee any particular result. When you undertake Sound Therapy, it is with this understanding, as each nervous system is unique and will respond differently to the program. It is highly likely, if you persist with the program, that you will experience benefits, but we cannot predict nor guarantee what those will be.

As with any rehabilitation program, persistance is required. Your Sound Therapy consultant (Simone Carot Collins) will give you as much assistance as possible to maximise your benefit from Sound Therapy, but ultimately you are in control of your own health. Lifestyle changes such as diet and supplementation may be required in addition to Sound Therapy to support healing.

Any advice given by Sound Therapy Perth does not constitute a diagnosis or medical advice. For medical advice or if symptoms persist, please see your doctor or health professional.